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Toller Ratgeber !

Moon calendar

I just bought the moon calendar, but it doesn't open. I have an iPhone 4. Not sure what is wrong 😕


Very easy to use and I love it!!!




Me encanta, es precisa, sus gráficas están muy bien ilustrada y me informa, muy confiable


"I love this appy, it is informational & fun! -E

Detailed just Enough

I enjoy this app, just wish it had a tad more detail for personal stuff pertaining to self, mind & spirit. Maybe also a god and/or god to focus on for the day.

Pretty cool!

So far I'm happy with this but just Learning how to incorporate this app in my life, I'm able to download activities in my calendar that would best be suited according to the moon phase. It makes it easy to see ahead of time. I've never functioned according to moon phases and I'm looking forward to applying it with the ease of this app. So hear goes!

Lunar Phase on Hand!

I love having the lunar phase on hand for planning appointments from dental to hair to mechanics! This app shows all phases of moon, zodiac sign it's transiting and/or the void. A really useful feature includes the exact time of new and full moons! In addition to planting and pruning schedules, best days for cleaning a variety of items and best times for starting to diet, and exercise. I gave it 4 stars because I wish it included best days for hosting company or a party, best days for romance, and best days for giving presentations too. Also to have the solstices and equinoxes identified would be great! The beautiful graphics make it pleasing to visit often. No music to tire of, plus keeps it private too!

Moon Calender

I love this calendar. We have always planted by the moon. It is really accurate. You should try it. It. Is about a lot more than just gardening by the moon Shannon. Seasons Gifts & Gardens. Sanger, CA

Very detailed

Intuitive, very interesting information. Useful.


Just wonderful. I use it every day. Thanks for it.

Very good

This is the first lunar calendar that fits my needs! It includes _everything_ and more ... I use it every day! I love this one! ( and it looks good too ) xx

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